Press Release: Cooperation agreement with Knappe Composites SRL

We are pleased to announce that Tecno Service srl has signed a cooperation agreement with Knappe Composites srl, based in Malataverne (France), for the distribution throughout the Italian territory of X-Type osmotic membrane pressure vessels presented at the Aquatech fair..

Knappe Composites is the world leader in the production of the fiberglass in-lined membrane housings.

The success and reliability of AnyChem™ housings has been proven for more than 30 Years.

The revolutionary design of the new generation of pressure vessels, the X-type Series, combines important benefits


  • Modular and compact design
  • Fewer housing models
  • Easy stock-keeping for resellers and better availability for the OEMs
  • Compact design
  • Only small footprint required
  • Fewer manifolds / couplings needed
  • Reduced assembly time and costs